Distillers Round Table: Kendra Scott of Anchor Distilling

Monday, May 23rd, 2:30 - 4:00pm
BCAE - Green Mountain Room
Sponsored by: Anchor Distilling

Tickets: $25.00

Enjoy an intimate meet and greet with Kendra Scott of Anchor Distilling company. Learn the history of Anchor Brewing and Distilling. How Fritz Maytag changed the craft distilling world and introduced the first American craft gin, Junipero. Hear about her history as a woman in a male dominated industry and how she came to be in the position she holds today, Lead Distiller at ADC. We will be sipping on Junipero cocktails, of course!

This is a round-table discussion class, and will have tickets by invitation only. Expect to come prepared with questions and a basic understand of the topic at hand.

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