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Maureen Hautaniemi - @maureenhasalife

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Maureen's love of the food and beverage industry began at a young age, working hard as a 13 year old to practice her tray skills. She's not carrying trays anymore, but instead uses her organization skills for a great cause: creating lasting and meaningful educational opportunities for people interested in hospitality.

Maureen has worked all over the country for a few years but loves being able to call Boston her home. She works with OFFSITE to produce amazing events for the spirits industry and is very excited to bring Thirst into their portfolio. Her previous work with Lush Life Productions gave her a taste for the massive undertaking that is a cocktail festival, with projects such as Camp Runamok; a bartender summer camp in Kentucky, and Portland Cocktail Week; a cocktail week for bartenders, by bartenders. It all started with a few years behind the scenes of Wine Riot, championing great wine for everyone. She loves Boston's beverage community and can't wait for people to come together and get nerdy about beer, wine, cocktails, spirits and coffee!

Nick Korn - @fatequalshappy

Nick Korn is a life-long student and self-identified nerd; with a background in anthropology, and an addiction to travel, he brings an academic lens to eating and drinking the world over. A dedicated professional in the bar industry in Boston for nearly a decade, he has pursued study—both in the classroom and in the field—into the ways that food and beverage tie into larger themes of human experience.  A fierce advocate for his community, Nick currently owns and manages OFFSITE, a boutique event and strategy firm focused on changing paradigms in the liquor industry. In between traveling and working, when Nick is in Boston, you can find him opening High Lives and giving high fives behind his friends' bars.


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